The most important part about choosing your photographer & videographer is choosing one you truly vibe with. Cooper and I ensure that the experience we all share is only the best. 

We have been in front of a camera before and know exactly how scary it can feel. We use this to our advantage to make sure you both feel comfortable and relaxed. You have nothing to worry about. Your natural smiles and organic moments will start to flow, and you won't even realise we are capturing your day as it unfolds. 

Moments you may not even realise are happening right before your eyes. Wedding days can be a blur of excitement sometimes. Our part is to document it all in a beautiful yet creative way, so you'll look back in 5, 20, or even 40 years and still be able to relive your day as if it were yesterday. 

Why I can’t wait to document your day


Creating the perfect tineline suited to your day

+ Pre Wedding Catch up

From day to night - starting at 6 hours, tailored to your schedule

+ Full days coverage

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size

+ High resolution images

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels

+ Low resolution images

A password protected gallery you can access anywhere and anytime

+ Online gallery

Three packages with both photography & Videography services

+ Videography (optional)

Photography packages starting from $3799

wedding day

Relaxed & comfortable - the two most used words when our couples leave us a review. We know how important this day is. We know how daunting it can be to be in front of a camera. Our approach leaves you with natural smiles and an unforgettable experience.


On your

Convenience at its finest - No going back and forth with two different companies. Working together at every wedding makes your life so much easier. We know exactly what one another needs to capture your day. This leaves a seamless approach between photo & video. 


Unfiltered moments - We know how important your guests are to you on your wedding day. We capture raw moments of them throughout the day, from Nan wiping her tears away at the ceremony to your niece or nephew rolling in the grass at the reception. We got it covered. 


We are there every step of the way- We have done our fair share of weddings. We are your people. We know how stressful wedding planning can be. Day or night, if you are stuck, contact me. We offer great advice leading up to and on your wedding day. One of the most common tips we give is - "It's your day, do it your way!".



& videography

Stress-free approach- Finding separate companies that work together well can be daunting. This is why we have three perfectly suited packages offering photography & videography. 

Our approach on your wedding day is relaxed and professional. We want to capture the real you as a couple. Cooper and I will keep it light and chatty throughout the day. We promise you will feel comfortable, and our cameras will become unnoticed. 

Working together at almost every wedding, we know exactly what one another needs. We have a seamless approach when transitioning from photo to video. No stop and starting. We go with the flow of you two.

We offer photography and videography all in one package!

starting from $7499


What's our editing process like? Morgan handles all post-editing. Editing every single image from your wedding day. Going through, finding all the perfect photos from your special day. 

I'll choose every image carefully, ensuring your gallery is nothing less than amazing. On your wedding day, I am already thinking about the editing process. I take photographs knowing in post-production exactly how they will be edited. Every aspect of your wedding is carefully considered while I'm shooting and I bring it to life while editing.

Our video editing is a little more complex. We have a team of incredible film editors who will edit your film in a fun, emotive, upbeat way. We brief the team on all the finer details about your wedding to ensure the edit captures your day flawlessly.

wedding albums

Now, one thing I will ALWAYS recommend to anyone. Get your wedding photos printed. It's a life time investment you wont regret. I know I love looking back through my parents wedding album. 

With the fine art paper, you can ensure your images will last a lifetime. not only that but you can share your legacy with your children, and your grandchildren. Technology is rapidly changing each day and a USB isn't a big enough investment to make sure your memories will last. 

book cloth material cover

custom embossing or foiling

museum grade fineart paper

30 pages minimum 

10x10 Wedding Album


Yes, I am a triple threat. Not only capturing weddings but other major milestones in your life.

How many images do you have of your little fam? Not many, I'm guessing. I love to capture your children running around and playing games. Jumping on mum and dad with lots of tickles involved. 

Let's get those cute family photos ticked off your to-do list. 



See family portfolio

Maternity sessions have a sweet spot in my heart. I started my photography journey with maternity sessions so they will always be one of my favourite sessions. 

I want my maternity sessions to make you feel EMPOWERED & SEXY. I'm taking a modern feel with a studio vibe. None of this cheesy, cringeworthy, studio stuff. 
You are creating life. Now let's get some amazing memories to reflect that.

I offer two different styles of maternity sessions.  



See maternity portfolio

How many photos do you and your partner have? Ones that you are just obsessed with hanging on your walls? I strongly encourage you to add an engagement session to one of your packages. They are a perfect way for us to get to know one another on a friendship level. It will make you so much more relaxed on your wedding day.

None of this awkward "Uhhh... what do we do?" because you booked an engagement session with me, you will already feel 10x more relaxed. Trust me, it shows in photos how relaxed you are. Ask me about this, and I will give you all the details.



See couple portfolio


your story

Lets work together to bring it to life